Jita Kyoei Dojo
Dallas, Texas, USA
Aikido (Jiyushin-ryu Aikibudo), & Kodokan Judo

We are a Dojo (School of Martial Arts) offering an environment to practice in several styles of self defense disciplines originating in Oriental Asia, mainly from Japan. Collectively, these are called Budo, meaning “Military Ways.” It is a collective term for Japanese military defense styles that follow certain principles and code of behavior for actions. A Jutsu is a collection of battlefield techniques used for specialized skills training. We offer instruction and degrees in Jiyushinryu Aikibudo and Kodokan Judo.

We are affiliated with Jiyushinkai, an international organization devoted to the study and development of this Art, founded by Chuck Clark-Shihan. Jiyushinryu Aikibudo blends ancient arts with modern teaching methods. The Art’s lineage includes; Kano Jigoro-Shihan founder of Kodokan Judo (The Way of Flexibility), Mifune Kyozu-Sensei (10th Dan [degree] Kodokan Judo under Kano-Sensei), Tomiki Kenji-Sensei (9th Dan Kodokan Judo and the very first 8th Dan in Aikido from Ueshiba Morihei-Sensei), and Tsunuko Miyake-sensei (6th Dan Kodokan.

Jita Kyoei translates to English as “Mutual benefit for everyone” and this applies to our dojo as; “everyone helps everyone else.” If we each grow as an individual, then we grow as a group or family, as well.

We also adhere to the principle of Seiyo zenyo (English: Best use of energy, or Maximum effect with minimal effort). This ideology is; “the smallest person should be able to apply the techniques to the largest person,” and thus the true development of real skills are created.

Both of these principles come directly from the teachings of Kano Jigoro-Shihan, who developed Kodokan Judo for good health in the late 1800’s, and are a foundation for the multitude of techniques that make up our practice. Our training is governed by these principles that are proven to be effective. We train with a high rate of success and the nominal failures that are necessary for efficient, effective learning. We consider the Dojo our “Laboratory” where we can experiment in a “dilemma-rich environment” in relative safety. Many of our students study multiple Martial Disciplines, or “Cross train” in complementary arts.